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John Zastrow

(4.6 MB)
A mildly viewable 
flyby movie of the Maryland 
Coastal Bays area. I poached 
some data from the 
Microimages/Maryland DNR 
Merlin Atlas CD. Though I 
did have to hand paint the DEM 
in Photoshop. The pie charts 
that you fly over represent 
fictious nitrogen loading numbers 
that I created for a concept GIS
project on predicting Pfiesteria 
(flesh eating algae)
invasions with a GIS. If nothing else, 
3D provides a neat way to visualize 
spatial relationships between and 
amongst environmental data.

This group was formed to stimulate interaction between users of TNTmips GIS in the Great Lakes Region. For the time being we must limit the participants to those in Great Lakes states and provinces. 

For now the group will be administered via bulk emails sent to the group. However, the founders are actively seeking the resources to create a TNTgl newsgroup. The newsgroup will allow self administration of the list, archival and search features. Anyone who would be willing to assist us in this migration please contact the owner of this site.

For those outside of this region who would like to participate in this list we suggest one of four things:

  1. Joining the news:comp.infosystems.gis  global GIS newsgroup. We ourselves feel that the product would greatly benefit from an expanded presence on that newsgroup and will be bopping through it from time to time. If you are using Netscape Communicator 4.5 or higher for Windows, subscribing to the newsgroup should be as easy as clicking on the link above. Preferences can be edited using the last three items in the 'Edit' menu when the newsgroup is active
  2. Check back here for highlites and tips from the discussions in the list. This feature is of course subject to the time constraints of the owner of the site. 
  3. Create your own regional group. If we can do it anyone can. Feel free to contact us with questions. 
  4. Wait. Depending on the direction and managerial demands of this list the potential always exists that it could be expanded. 
Please note that this group is not directly affiliated with the makers of TNTmips GIS, Microimages, Inc.


Update: 7/1/99

The mailing list: Names of those people who indicated an interest in the list and are within the Great Lakes region should have received a bulk email with names and contacts of list members.  With any luck we should be seeing some traffic on the TNTgl mailling list soon. I will be conducting a survey of the members to determine certain administrative parameters. If you are interested in being added to the list, please contact the owner of this page.

Using the newsgroup: For those who wish to filter for topic concerning only Microimages products, please include "TNT" somewhere in the subject line of your posts to the newgroup. When the yellow glasses are showing, this means that a message fits one of the criteria in your filter settings and is 'watched'.